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Groundbreaking simulations by Google Exacycle Visiting Faculty

Googler Moti Yung elected as 2013 ACM Fellow

Free Language Lessons for Computers

Released Data Set: Features Extracted From YouTube Videos for Multiview Learning

The MiniZinc Challenge

New Research Challenges in Language Understanding

Unique Strategies for Scaling Teacher Professional Development

Moore’s Law Part 4: Moore's Law in other domains

The first detailed maps of global forest change

Moore’s Law, Part 3: Possible extrapolations over the next 15 years and impact

Moore’s Law, Part 2: More Moore and More than Moore

Moore’s Law, Part 1: Brief history of Moore's Law and current state

Enhancing Linguistic Search with the Google Books Ngram Viewer

Opening up Course Builder data

Projecting without a projector: sharing your smartphone content onto an arbitrary display

Broadening Google Patents

We are joining the Open edX platform

Make Your Websites More Accessible to More Users with Introduction to Web Accessibility

A Comparison of Five Google Online Courses

Google Research Awards: Summer 2013

Computer Science Teaching Fellows Starting Up in Charleston, SC

Under the hood of Croatian, Filipino, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese in Google Voice Search

11 Billion Clues in 800 Million Documents: A Web Research Corpus Annotated with Freebase Concepts

New research from Google shows that 88% of the traffic generated by mobile search ads is not replaced by traffic originating from mobile organic search

Google Databoard: A new way to explore industry research

Conference Report: USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC) 2013

Natural Language Understanding-focused awards announced

Fast, Accurate Detection of 100,000 Object Classes on a Single Machine

Some Innovative MOOCs

Excellent Papers for 2012

Improving Photo Search: A Step Across the Semantic Gap

2013 Google PhD Fellowships: 5 Years of Supporting the Future of Computer Science

Building A Visual Planetary Time Machine

The Story Behind Course Builder

Distributing the Edit History of Wikipedia Infoboxes

Open Access for Publications

Explore more with Mapping with Google

Syntactic Ngrams over Time

Launching the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

Two Googlers elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

50,000 Lessons on How to Read: a Relation Extraction Corpus

Advanced Power Searching with Google: Lessons Learned

Education Awards on Google App Engine

Scaling Computer Science Education

Our Commitment to Social Computing Research: Social Interactions Focused Awards Announcement

Learning from Big Data: 40 Million Entities in Context

Applauding the White House Memorandum on Open Access

Google Research Awards: Winter, 2013

Mobile interaction research at Google

Research Projects on Google App Engine

Advanced Power Searching with Google -- Registration Opens Today