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Get moving with the new Motion Stills

App Discovery with Google Play, Part 2: Personalized Recommendations with Related Apps

Open sourcing the Embedding Projector: a tool for visualizing high dimensional data

NIPS 2016 & Research at Google

Deep Learning for Detection of Diabetic Eye Disease

Zero-Shot Translation with Google’s Multilingual Neural Machine Translation System

Enhance! RAISR Sharp Images with Machine Learning

Open Source Visualization of GPS Displacements for Earthquake Cycle Physics

Celebrating TensorFlow’s First Year

App Discovery with Google Play, Part 1: Understanding Topics

Research suggestions at your fingertips with Explore in Docs

Supercharging Style Transfer

Course Builder now supports scheduling, easier customization and more

Equality of Opportunity in Machine Learning

Graph-powered Machine Learning at Google

How Robots Can Acquire New Skills from Their Shared Experience

Introducing the Open Images Dataset

Image Compression with Neural Networks

Announcing YouTube-8M: A Large and Diverse Labeled Video Dataset for Video Understanding Research

A Neural Network for Machine Translation, at Production Scale

Show and Tell: image captioning open sourced in TensorFlow

The 280-Year-Old Algorithm Inside Google Trips

The 2016 Google Earth Engine User Summit: Turning pixels into insights

Research from VLDB 2016: Improved Friend Suggestion using Ego-Net Analysis

Computational Thinking from a Dispositions Perspective

Announcing the First Annual Global PhD Fellowship Summit and the 2016 Google PhD Fellows

Reproducible Science: Cancer Researchers Embrace Containers in the Cloud

Improving Inception and Image Classification in TensorFlow

TF-Slim: A high level library to define complex models in TensorFlow

Text summarization with TensorFlow

Meet Parsey’s Cousins: Syntax for 40 languages, plus new SyntaxNet capabilities

ACL 2016 & Research at Google

Computational Thinking for All Students

Announcing an Open Source ADC board for BeagleBone

Towards an exact (quantum) description of chemistry

Wide & Deep Learning: Better Together with TensorFlow

CVPR 2016 & Research at Google

Project Bloks: Making code physical for kids

Bringing Precision to the AI Safety Discussion

ICML 2016 & Research at Google

Announcing Google Research, Europe

Quantum annealing with a digital twist

Motion Stills – Create beautiful GIFs from Live Photos

"Aw, so cute!": Allo helps you respond to shared photos

Chat Smarter with Allo

Announcing SyntaxNet: The World’s Most Accurate Parser Goes Open Source

Research at Google and ICLR 2016

DeepMind moves to TensorFlow

Computer Science Education for All Students

Helping webmasters re-secure their sites

Announcing TensorFlow 0.8 – now with distributed computing support!

All of Google’s CS Education Programs and Tools in One Place

Genomic Data Processing on Google Cloud Platform

Lessons learned while protecting Gmail

Machine Learning in the Cloud, with TensorFlow

Announcing the 2016 Google PhD Fellows for North America, Europe and the Middle East

Train your own image classifier with Inception in TensorFlow

Deep Learning for Robots: Learning from Large-Scale Interaction

An Update on fast Transit Routing with Transfer Patterns

And the winner of the $1 Million Little Box Challenge is…CE+T Power’s Red Electrical Devils

On the Personalities of Dead Authors

Google Science Fair 2016: #howcanwe make things better with science?

Exploring the Intersection of Art and Machine Intelligence

Text-to-Speech for Low-Resource Languages (Episode 3): But can it say “Google”?

Running your models in production with TensorFlow Serving

Google Research Awards: Fall 2015

Announcing the Google Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Research Award Pilot

AlphaGo: Mastering the ancient game of Go with Machine Learning

Teach Yourself Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Udacity

Why attend USENIX Enigma?