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A Scalable Approach for Partially Local Federated Learning

Training Machine Learning Models More Efficiently with Dataset Distillation

Interpretable Deep Learning for Time Series Forecasting

A Fast WordPiece Tokenization System

More Efficient In-Context Learning with GLaM

General and Scalable Parallelization for Neural Networks

Improving Vision Transformer Efficiency and Accuracy by Learning to Tokenize

Google at NeurIPS 2021

Evaluating Syntactic Abilities of Language Models

RLDS: An Ecosystem to Generate, Share, and Use Datasets in Reinforcement Learning

MURAL: Multimodal, Multi-task Retrieval Across Languages

Predicting Text Selections with Federated Learning

Decisiveness in Imitation Learning for Robots

Permutation-Invariant Neural Networks for Reinforcement Learning

Predicting Text Readability from Scrolling Interactions

RLiable: Towards Reliable Evaluation & Reporting in Reinforcement Learning

MetNet-2: Deep Learning for 12-Hour Precipitation Forecasting

An Open Source Vibrotactile Haptics Platform for On-Body Applications

Making Better Future Predictions by Watching Unlabeled Videos

Model Ensembles Are Faster Than You Think

Enhanced Sleep Sensing in Nest Hub

Google at EMNLP 2021

Improved On-Device ML on Pixel 6, with Neural Architecture Search

Another Step Towards Breakeven Fusion

Self-Supervised Reversibility-Aware Reinforcement Learning

GoEmotions: A Dataset for Fine-Grained Emotion Classification

Grammar Correction as You Type, on Pixel 6

Deciding Which Tasks Should Train Together in Multi-Task Neural Networks

Practical Differentially Private Clustering

Predicting Spreadsheet Formulas from Semi-structured Contexts

How Underspecification Presents Challenges for Machine Learning

SimVLM: Simple Visual Language Model Pre-training with Weak Supervision

Baselines for Uncertainty and Robustness in Deep Learning

An ML-Based Framework for COVID-19 Epidemiology

Self-Supervised Learning Advances Medical Image Classification

Google at ICCV 2021

Finding Complex Metal Oxides for Technology Advancement

Introducing FLAN: More generalizable Language Models with Instruction Fine-Tuning

FedJAX: Federated Learning Simulation with JAX

Efficient Partitioning of Road Networks

Improving Generalization in Reinforcement Learning using Policy Similarity Embeddings

High-Quality, Robust and Responsible Direct Speech-to-Speech Translation

Pathdreamer: A World Model for Indoor Navigation

Announcing WIT: A Wikipedia-Based Image-Text Dataset

Toward Fast and Accurate Neural Networks for Image Recognition

Revisiting Mask-Head Architectures for Novel Class Instance Segmentation

Music Conditioned 3D Dance Generation with AIST++

Personalized ASR Models from a Large and Diverse Disordered Speech Dataset

Discovering Anomalous Data with Self-Supervised Learning

Detecting Abnormal Chest X-rays using Deep Learning

Introducing Omnimattes: A New Approach to Matte Generation using Layered Neural Rendering

Recreating Natural Voices for People with Speech Impairments

SoundStream: An End-to-End Neural Audio Codec

Demonstrating the Fundamentals of Quantum Error Correction

The C4_200M Synthetic Dataset for Grammatical Error Correction

A Dataset Exploration Case Study with Know Your Data

Improved Detection of Elusive Polyps via Machine Learning

Two New Datasets for Conversational NLP: TimeDial and Disfl-QA

Google at ACL 2021

Mapping Africa’s Buildings with Satellite Imagery

Advances in TF-Ranking

Applying Advanced Speech Enhancement in Cochlear Implants

Multi-task Prediction of Organ Dysfunction in ICUs

Google at ICML 2021

High Fidelity Image Generation Using Diffusion Models

Speeding Up Reinforcement Learning with a New Physics Simulation Engine

From Vision to Language: Semi-supervised Learning in Action … at Scale

Reducing the Computational Cost of Deep Reinforcement Learning Research

Quickly Training Game-Playing Agents with Machine Learning

Take All Your Pictures to the Cleaners, with Google Photos Noise and Blur Reduction

Achieving Precision in Quantum Material Simulations

A Dataset for Studying Gender Bias in Translation

Improving Genomic Discovery with Machine Learning

Quantum Machine Learning and the Power of Data

Google at CVPR 2021

Learning an Accurate Physics Simulator via Adversarial Reinforcement Learning

A Step Toward More Inclusive People Annotations in the Open Images Extended Dataset

The Importance of A/B Testing in Robotics

FRILL: On-Device Speech Representations using TensorFlow-Lite

Using Variational Transformer Networks to Automate Document Layout Design

Extending Contrastive Learning to the Supervised Setting

Data Cascades in Machine Learning

Toward Generalized Sim-to-Real Transfer for Robot Learning

A Browsable Petascale Reconstruction of the Human Cortex

Cross-Modal Contrastive Learning for Text-to-Image Generation

Understanding Contextual Facial Expressions Across the Globe

KELM: Integrating Knowledge Graphs with Language Model Pre-training Corpora

Project Guideline: Enabling Those with Low Vision to Run Independently

Learning to Manipulate Deformable Objects

ALIGN: Scaling Up Visual and Vision-Language Representation Learning With Noisy Text Supervision

Accelerating Eye Movement Research for Wellness and Accessibility

Crisscrossed Captions: Semantic Similarity for Images and Text

Introducing FELIX: Flexible Text Editing Through Tagging and Insertion

Do Wide and Deep Networks Learn the Same Things?

Google at ICLR 2021

Flexible, Scalable, Differentiable Simulation of Recommender Systems with RecSim NG

Model-Based RL for Decentralized Multi-agent Navigation

Holistic Video Scene Understanding with ViP-DeepLab