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The latest research from Google

Real-time tracking of wildfire boundaries using satellite imagery

As global temperatures rise, wildfires around the world are becoming more frequent and more dangerous. Their effects are felt by many communities as people evacuate their homes or suffer harm even from proximity to the fire and smoke.

Google Research, 2022 & beyond: ML & computer systems

Open Source Vizier: Towards reliable and flexible hyperparameter and blackbox optimization

The Flan Collection: Advancing open source methods for instruction tuning

Learning with queried hints

Deciphering clinical abbreviations with privacy protecting ML

Google Research, 2022 & beyond: Responsible AI

Google Research, 2022 & beyond: Language, vision and generative models

EHR-Safe: Generating high-fidelity and privacy-preserving synthetic electronic health records

Differential privacy accounting by connecting the dots

Accelerating text generation with Confident Adaptive Language Modeling (CALM)