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The latest research from Google

PRESTO – A multilingual dataset for parsing realistic task-oriented dialogues

Virtual assistants are increasingly integrated into our daily routines. They can help with everything from setting alarms to giving map directions and can even assist people with disabilities to more easily manage their homes. As we use these assistants, we are also becoming more accustomed to using natural language to accomplish tasks that we once did by hand.

Detecting novel systemic biomarkers in external eye photos

Visual language maps for robot navigation

Vid2Seq: a pretrained visual language model for describing multi-event videos

Responsible AI at Google Research: The Impact Lab

Learning from deep learning: a case study of feature discovery and validation in pathology

PaLM-E: An embodied multimodal language model

The BirdCLEF 2023 Challenge: Pushing the frontiers of biodiversity monitoring

Announcing the ICDAR 2023 Competition on Hierarchical Text Detection and Recognition

Universal Speech Model (USM): State-of-the-art speech AI for 100+ languages

Performer-MPC: Navigation via real-time, on-robot transformers